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Rosary (Chosei Seko Memorial Park)

[November 19, 2019]

ID: 120

About pay period, opening time

Pay period of rosary this year becomes the end on June 2.
In addition, it is from 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. in opening time after June 3.

※Only for Sunday, December 1, there is point that you cannot see by event partly.
 After understanding, we would appreciate your visiting.

※Please see this (we open with the other window) about the flowering situation of rose.

About admission during pay period

Admission (we apply from April, 2018)
After the revision

Daily ticket

350 yen

Daily ticket (group)
300 yen
More than 30 people

Season ticket

500 yen

The next person can enter free.

  • Ina townsman who showed my number card (with photograph of the face)
  • Person (the back side entry required) who has "rosary Ina townsman for free complimentary ticket exchange ticket" of publication in "Ina Newsletter May issue"
  • Person 18 years or younger
  • Person (copy impossibility) who showed certificate of the physically disabled, mental patient health welfare notebook, nursing notebook
  • Companion of person who showed the notebook mentioned above (to one person)

Arrive toward need of nursing care, the support authorization required

Need of nursing care supporter rate handling table required
Summary Visiting day Rate (Japanese yen)
It is person with address in town Residence out of the town
Personal need of nursing care supporter Weekday 0 100
Saturday and Sunday 0 350
Need of nursing care supporter of facilities in the town block Weekday 0 0
Saturday and Sunday 0 350
Need of nursing care supporter of facilities out of the town Weekday 0 100
Saturday and Sunday 0 350
Caregiver (one of one)
It is the same for care supporter

You have the care health insurance card original, and come to Memorial Park Administration Office.
In addition, by update, please show identification of care insurance qualified person issued in substitution for care health insurance card (possible copy) when there is not the original of care health insurance card at hand.

Person coming in care welfare facilities is care health insurance card ※Bring this to Memorial Park Administration Office after filling out rosary admission ticket grant application (you open with the other window).
※When we cannot bring the original of care health insurance card out of necessity, we handle as the original by having you sign column of copying (thing which copied 1-3) of care health insurance card and "the original and difference prove thing that there is not about copies such as care health insurance cards which we showed" of rosary admission ticket grant application.

Instructions in rosary

  • The rosary is smoking cessation.
  • There is always whether you put dog in cart and the gauge, and other visitors, please do not be troubled. (except service dog, guide dog)
  • Entry of two-wheeled vehicles is prohibition.
  • Please take garbage home.
  • Please refrain from private use of long-time equivalence place.
  • When you perform photography, please consider other visitors.

The location, access

732-1, Kobariuchijuku, Ina-machi, Kitaadachi-gun

We display Chosei Seko Memorial Park, rosary on bigger map


It is getting off at Saitama new urban traffic "New Shuttle Line" Uchijuku Station, a 10-minute walk from JR Omiya Station


To aspect northern at the east side crossroads of prefectural road Route 87 "Toshizo chome" intersection (there is guidance signboard)

Map in rosary garden

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Person in charge of Ina Town Office City Planning Division greenery

TEL: 048-721-2111 (extension number 2422)

Fax: 048-721-2138

Of phone number please be careful to run wrong!

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